Vertical Sports History

Game of the Week started in 1998 through the vision of Kim Carpenter who sat down with then station manager Emmet Fowler and Johnny Curry to plan how to evolve the broadcast.  It was decided that at that time the station should reach out and touch the community with more than music to expand upon ways of which people could be blessed by the Lord.  Using the sporting event platform the station started sports play by play broadcasting with the intention of covering all teams from around the county at least once or twice during a broadcast season.  The station would also broadcast post season games and travel throughout the state covering Football, Boys and Girls Basketball along with Baseball and Softball.  It was the goal that Game of the Week would profile the accomplishments of the student athlete in an always positive broadcast.  In 2001 KNMI became the official station of the Connie Mack World Series.  Coverage of the 2001 and 2002 World Series was something that would bring Vertical Sports to the forefront of broadcasting throughout the region and on a global scale.

The station’s broadcast team relies on a group of God Serving guys that predominantly volunteer their time to do play by play and color to bring the listener high school sports from around the County.  Throughout the entire school year and summer, every announcer volunteers to call games and only during the Connie Mack World Series or on playoff game travel does the station offer to pay broadcasters, of which nearly all of them refuse to be compensated.

Every one of these individuals works tirelessly to serve as a volunteer broadcaster for the station outside of their normal work day.  Each of them believes it is a mission’s opportunity to serve the station which ultimately glorifies God.  If I were able to sum up the talent we have, I can say we have a bunch of humble guys that do it not for the money but rather as a servant.  Nearly every one of these gentlemen has been offered jobs with corporate radio stations because of their broadcasting talent.  Nevertheless, it is just some good old boys that love the Lord and serving the radio station for His glory.