Public Service Announcements (PSA)


Be Safe, Not Sorry

The U.S. Drought Monitor has placed Farmington in the severe category of drought. These restrictions reduce the risk of fire to persons and properties by limiting potential fire sources including fireworks.

The City of Farmington has officially acted to restrict the use of fireworks within the City limits to the extent allowed under State law and will rigorously enforce fireworks restrictions.

Citizens are urged to know what fireworks are legal and which fireworks are not legal to possess or discharge within the City limits.

The following fireworks are legal within the City limits:

·  Ground & Hand Held Sparkling & Smoke Devices

·  Cone Fountains

·  Crackling Devices

·  Cylindrical Fountains

·  Flitter Sparklers

·  Ground Spinners

·  Illuminating Torches

·  Toy Smoke Devices

·  Wheels (stationary/small radius)

The following fireworks are NOT permitted to be used or possessed within the City limits:

·  Aerial Spinners

·  Helicopters

·  Mines

·  Missile-type Rockets

·  Roman Candles

·  Shells

·  Stick-type Rockets

·  Chasers

·  Firecrackers

Any person in violation is guilty of a petty misdemeanor and will be fined $500 or imprisoned for up to 90 days or both. Any prohibited fireworks shall be seized or removed at the expense of the person in possession.

It is not the desire of the City to dampen the patriotic spirit of the celebration of our Nation’s birth and history. We encourage people to celebrate, but to do so safely and lawfully. The public fireworks display in connection with the Freedom Days events is a great opportunity for family and friends to gather in the observance of the traditions of the 4th of July. Let’s celebrate as a community, but let’s do so considerately and safely.

For questions or additional information, please contact Fire Marshal Robert Popa at (505) 599-1439.


Assayii Lake Fire

San Juan College and Associated Students of San Juan College would like to thank all who provided donations to SJC’s Community Donation Drop-off Drive for those affected by the Assayii Lake Fire.

 According to news reports, donation drives throughout the area have filled the need and officials are asking that donations now cease. The donation centers are now overflowing with water, food and personal hygiene items. Reports also stated that the Navajo Nation has asked that anyone who would like to continue to assist with the effort can provide monetary donations to Navajo United Way. All funds will go toward the fire relief. For more information, go to

Starry Days Planetarium Show

Take in the stars this summer when the San Juan College Planetarium presents a series of Starry Days shows, Wednesdays, July 2 through July 30, from 10 to 11 a.m.

These shows are designed for small groups and families.  Video presentations are followed by a short sky show with planetarium star projector.

No reservations are required, however, seating is limited and no entry is permitted once the presentation begins.  Summer shows include:

             July 2 – Windows on Mars:  Dance

            July 9 – On Robot Wings

            July 16 – The Flight of Apollo 11:  The Eagle Has Landed

            July 23 – Field Trip to the Moon

            July 30 – Path of Totality

For further information and reservations, contact David Mayeux, at 566-3361, or mayeuxd(at)  Additional information is also available at