The Drive

Not as cool as she would like to be!

Tough day? Traffic have you down when all you want to do is go home? Let Megan be your pilot and guide from the drive from work to home. (or to work if you work a late shift…)

Tune in to hear an eclectic mix of factoids and quips, which, ideally would make you laugh. But hey, sometimes humor is in the eye of the beholder.

Megan Cullip


Cheeseburgers, Music, Hiking, Laughter, Trivia, Jesus, Deep Talks with Good Friends


The problem of evil, Math Homework, Leggings, Being Late


Music, Hiking & Reading

Five Things You Don’t Know About Me:

 1. I’m a minister

2. My favorite color is yellow

3. I started a non-profit in college

4. I had a pet duck growing up

5. I lived in New England for 8 years