Four Corners Spotlight

The Four Corners Spotlight is a mid-morning mix of information and inspiration. Each weekday morning from 10 -10:15 AM, we shine the spotlight on local leaders who are making a difference in the Four Corners area. From civic leaders and pastors to medical professionals and educators; there’s information to be shared that can impact the lives of our listeners. Since the beginning of the station in 1980, it has been a joy for us to connect guests and their passions for what they do to our faithful listeners.

Jim Baker

Kay and I have served at Navajo Ministries since 1975. We came to care for dependent children as houseparents. With the help of Mark Frederick we began KNMI Radio in 1980. It has been my joy to host a talk show of some kind ever since that time. Today, it’s the Four Corners Spotlight each weekday morning at 10 AM. I have also been blessed to serve as President of Navajo Ministries since 1987. In May of 2015, I retired as President and now serve with Kay in a part-time role as Co-Directors of the Partnership Ministry at Navajo Ministries.


I enjoy being with people, comedy TV shows, movies (especially the ones based on true stories), I live to travel, I like to eat (especially fresh vegetables and ice cream), beaches are always a good place to visit, it’s a joy to spend time with our family, I enjoy writing, I am blessed to host the daily Four Corners Spotlight show.


Windy, dusty days, unkind people, bullies, Brussels sprouts and artichokes, boring speakers.


Gardening, bowling, perhaps I will have some time to take up golf in the future, photography.

Five Things You Don’t Know About Me:

1. Many years ago, I was a Fuller Brush door to door salesman.2. I was a back-up softball pitcher for our church team in Pennsylvania.3. I can sing “Jesus Love Me” in Navajo.4. I’ve been in every state except Alaska.5. Kay and I and three of our Navajo kids got to see the Oval Office of the White House.