Get To Know Us

KNMI Vertical Radio is a program of Navajo Ministries. Navajo Ministries provides hope and restoration to families in the Four Corners region through programs which establish self-sufficiency, resilience and Christian values. The ministry formerly known as Navajo Missions Inc., was founded by Jack Drake in 1953 to provide a stable, secure home for Navajo children in need.

KNMI Vertical Radio’s first broadcast was on March 16, 1980 – it was the first Christian radio station in the Four Corners area. Vertical Radio provides an alternative for the whole community, bringing out strong family values based on the Word of God. As a regional radio station, the Vertical signal is heard in eastern Arizona, southern Colorado and throughout the Four Corners and San Juan County. Listeners from all over the world are also able to tune into Vertical’s fresh cutting-edge sound by logging onto our website

Mission Statement

Serving the Four Corners community through quality Christian radio.

Community Sponsored

KNMI Vertical Radio is a non-commercial, community supported station that provides positive programming for the entire family. An annual shar-a-thon secures monthly commitments from listeners. Businesses, churches and other ministries provide grants which are recognized by on-air spots which feature information or services offered by that particular sponsor.