Brandi Wright


I love drinking coffee, I love drinking coffee with people and listening to their journeys, adventures and life stories. Tulips, puppies and kittens, Taylor Swift – I just want to be her friend.


Mean people, diesel exhaust, allergies, fundraisers, judgmental attitudes toward ideas, philosophies and people who are different than you.


Having coffee, with wonderful people, reading, watching YouTube videos, napping, hanging out with my family

Five Things You Don’t Know About Me:

1. I started driving when I was 14 … legally.  I was 1 of 8 students at Heights Junior High School who drove in 8th grade.2. I’m the youth minister at First United Methodist Church – Farmington3. I fell 35 feet off a cliff when I was 17.  I only dislocated my elbow and had a little tissue damage in my ankle.4. When I get nervous I get really awkward.5. I really enjoy coffee